Ship and Building Types

Ship Types (Up to level 4)

(Ship costs increase as more ships of the same type are built and decrease as less are built throughout the game. So popular ships cost much more. You may want to change what ships you are building later in the game if costs change significantly.)

Colonizer (Level 1 only)

Each colonizer is consumed to colonize one planet and build a level 1 mine. Weak and slow but necessary to expand your empire. You should always have some available to colonize conquered planets or colonize new found open planets.


Basic combat ship that can be built very fast when you’re in a pinch, but is slightly weaker than a fighter.


Transports have storage space to load or unload resources, so that your fleet can transport resources from one planet to another or trade between your trade post and an allies trade post. Higher levels have higher speed and storage. Trade is an important way to get resources and you can’t do that well without high level transports.


One of the weakest combat ships but does quadruple damage to turrets and buildings. It is the same speed as a tank and is often paired with tanks as a planet buster.


Basic combat ship. Medium damage and armor. Good against all ships except capital ships.

Missile Ship

Combat ship that deals high damage, but has low armor. Pairs well with tanks or fighters for protection and greatly increases a fleets attack.


A weaker combat ship but attacks ships behind tanks. Pairs well with tanks or fighters for protection and is effective against fleets with tanks.


A weak ship with a high sight range (which increases the sight range of the fleet). It is the fastest ship.


A defensive only ship. By itself spies can only be seen by enemy spies and scouts of equal or higher levels. They are slow and have limited sight range but you can put them right next to your enemy to keep tabs on them.


A combat ship with high armor. Tanks are always placed at the front of the fleet and take damage first to protect other ships like penetrators and missile ships. Deals low damage and is slow.

Capital Ship Types (Up to level 3)


Increases the attack power of up to [30, 40, 50] ships in fleet by [100%, 150%, 200%]. Additional commanders only increase attack power for ships not affected by other commanders.

Commanders work best in larger fleets. Maximize your fleet attack power by making sure you have enough commanders to affect all your ships. Having extra commanders in your fleet is a waste of resources. Generally have destroyers to protect your commanders from enemy destroyers. Large numbers of commanders can really boost your non capital ship attack power.


Deals high damage to a single target. Targets other capital ships directly, doing 4x damage.

Usually destroyers are the first capital ship to build. It does high damage to everything including enemy capital ships. Whoever has the most destroyers has the upper hand so you cant go wrong with destroyers.


Damage multiplied by the number of enemy ships, up to [30, 40, 50]. Additional dreadnoughts only do increased damage when previous dreadnoughts have hit their limit.

Usually dreadnoughts are the last capital ship to build. It is only effective against large fleets which are around later in the game. In fleet battles with massive amounts on non capital ships dreadnoughts can really rip them up. Their Achilles Heel is that they are the first capital ship to take damage and destroyers rip dreadnoughts up so use them wisely.

Building Types (Up to level 4)


Mines resources from a planet and places them in the planets stockpile for later use. Higher levels mine faster and can store more resources. High level mines very valuable for gaining resources.

Defensive Battery

Building that deals high damage and has high armor, and high sight range. The defensive battery always takes damage first, so it is useful for protecting other buildings. Higher levels deal more damage and have higher armor and sight range. This is a good way to slow down enemy fleets and allow reinforcements to arrive and defend planets.


A factory is needed to build ships. The first level factory can always build colonizers, transports, and junkers. You can research any additional ship type up to the level of your factory. Having the highest level ships possible is most desirable and efficient. You can’t build ships without factories. Have factories research one 1 or 2 high level ship types because of the cost. Use many planets building different ship types to build your balanced fleets.

Trading Post

Trading Posts are currently removed from the game while the trading system is being updated. Necessary for trading with Allies. Higher levels yield higher trades and higher storage of resources. Trading and mining are your only ways to get resources and you can never have enough resources! You normal build trading posts near ship yards to fund production of capital ships.


Can hold a large stockpile of resources. Useful for building or researching high level ships or buildings and for holding resources being unloaded from transports.

Orbiting Building Types

Shipyard (Up to level 3)

Large structures that can research and build capital ships. You can research and build a capital ship up to the level of your shipyard. Shipyards and capital ships are expensive but worth it later in the game. Whoever has the most capital ships generally has the upper hand in a fight. Don’t start building them to early in the game or you will use up all your resources and have little to no fleet to defend yourself.

Turret (Up to level 4)

3 of these turrets exist around your home planet. They have high armor, and deal a fair amount of damage. You can upgrade or build turrets around any planet. Enemy fleets can fly into range and attack your planet without having to destroy your turrets so arrange and use them wisely.

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