Map and Zoom Levels

The Map

The Map (Galaxy) is divided into Sectors. Each Sector can only hold a certain number of new players, once the limit is reached, a new Sector will open.

In the above example, the highlighted Sector would be C3

Once a new Sector opens, travel to and from that Sector is achieved via Wormholes. Every Sector has wormholes at each of its sides (unless that side is the edge of the galaxy). If you queue your Fleet to Move to Fleet/Planet, and select a wormhole as your destination, the fleet will jump to the adjacent Sector as soon as it arrives at the wormhole.

Wormholes are not visible by default, and must be discovered via exploration like planets.

Zoom Levels

There are five zoom levels in Space. To zoom in or out, use the +/- buttons at the bottom of the screen. Double clicking on a fleet or planet will also zoom in on it.

Galaxy View

This view shows the entire playable area (Galaxy). From here you can see that the Galaxy is divided into playable areas called Sectors. The Galaxy view shows all sectors and known planet, star, and wormhole locations. Planets you occupy are shown in green; allied planets are in blue, enemy planets are in red, and unoccupied planets are gray. Stars are yellow.

Tapping a sector will bring you to the sector view.

Sector View

[image needed]

Similar to the galaxy view, but shows only one sector. As in the galaxy view, only planets, stars, and wormholes are shown.

Tapping a location in the sector view will zoom in and bring you to the 'zoomed-out view' for that location.

Zoomed-Out View

A zoomed out view of the Local View. Fleets are represented by dots, but buildings, turrets, and shipyards can be seen.

In this view you can use the buttons in the upper right to show all fleet paths or show your combined radar range to get an overview of your fleet.

You will also have buttons allowing you to Quick Move, or view the current Queue

Local View

In this view, you can see the three most numerous ship types in each fleet, as well as buildings, turrets, and shipyards. You will also see the current action of any selected Fleet or Planet.

Detailed View

Shows detailed information about the selected object including its attack power, armor, resources and stockpile capacity, and current action (when applicable).

In this view, individual ship types or buildings can be selected by tapping them. This will allow you to see stats for that particular ship type or building.

From the Sector and Local views, you can use the arrow buttons at the bottom right of the screen to jump to the next closest Fleet or planet you own.

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