Fleet and Planet List

The Fleet/Planet screen is designed to help you keep track of your fleets, planets and shipyards and what they doing. It is also designed to help you find your fleets if you have lost track of them, and identify which fleets are idle or in combat. Fleets are given a unique name in the game, so to help you find important fleets or planets itís a good idea to give them a name. Even if its just a simple letter. The following picture is what the menu looks like, with the instructions on how to use it to follow.

To access this view, from the game menu tap the Fleets & Planets button and this screen pops up.

The top row of buttons selects whether you are viewing fleets, planets, or shipyards. The bottom row of buttons selects whether you are seeing all units of that type, or only idle or in combat units.

If you have lots of fleets in many different sectors just tap the button in the top right and you can select all of your units, or all of your units in a particular sector.

From the list of units, when you find the one you want, tap the image of the unit to view the unit on the map or tap anywhere else on the list item to view the queue for that unit and change its orders if you want. You can also press the back button from the queue twice to view the entity that you selected.

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