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Space is a slow-paced strategy game where games play out over weeks, not hours.
Your goal is to work alone or with allies to expand your territory and conquer the galaxy. You can do this by force, or through diplomacy – it’s your choice. To win, a player or alliance must control 60% of the occupied planets in the galaxy. (Some game types require different percentages. The "win conditions" page, accessible from the alliance list page in game, shows the percentage required for the game.)

Starting Out

When you first join a game, you will see a screen like the one below. You will initially have one Planet and a few ships, your planet will have three automated turrets to assist with defence.

When you select an object (by tapping it once), you will be shown important details about that object.

In the example above, the Planet is selected. You’ll notice there are 3 different circles – a grey circle, a red circle, and a white circle. These circles have different functions;


When you select an object, you can zoom in and out by using the +/- buttons.
You may also double click an object to jump directly to Detailed View.

There are 5 zoom levels in Space;

For more information on the map and zooming, visit the map and zoom levels page of this guide.

Map and Zoom Levels


The red circle around the selected fleet indicates it’s combat range – if an enemy fleet or planet is within this circle, the fleets or planets will deal damage to each other. The larger white circle indicates the sight range of the fleet – you are only able to see other planets or enemy fleets if they are within the sight range of one of your fleets or planets.

The Queue

The Queue button enables you to give your planets and fleets things to do. For more information on the queue, visit the queue page of this guide.

Queue Page


Resources are needed to do many things in Space, including constructing buildings and ships.
You can gather resources by mining planets, demolishing buildings, and trading with Allies.

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