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To learn more about playing Space: Uncharted, you can:
  • Watch the tutorial video.
  • Check out the player guide.
  • Visit the forum to ask questions and talk to other players.
Remember, you can play Space: Uncharted both from your phone and on your computer at http://spaceuncharted.com/game!


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Build Building

Your planet will gain 75% of the resource cost to build the current level of the building.

Build Ship

Combat ship prices adjust over time. As more ships of one type are built in the galaxy, the price increases.
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Build Orbiting Building

To build a new orbiting building, choose one:

To upgrade an existing orbiting building: click the button below. The list of upgraded buildings is for reference only. The correct upgrade will automatically be selected when you select the unit to upgrade.
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The main game stats page has player rankings based on all completed games, as well as game statistics and a map timeline for each completed game.
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Split Fleet

Use the arrows to move ships from the left (current fleet) to the right (new fleet).
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