We are excited to announce that 1/15/11 is the tentative date for the first official game of Space: Uncharted. The app was submitted to Palm for earlier this week, and assuming the review is completed in a timely fashion, the app should be in the app catalog around 1/12/10. As in the beta games, you can join the game before it starts. 24 hours before game start, players will be placed on the map near their allies, and orders can be queued.

Because of the ongoing costs of maintaining a server and adding new features for each game, like other MMOs we are adopting a monthly fee price structure. Each month will have at least one regular game (lasting 2-4 weeks) and two speed games for those who like a faster pace (lasting 1-2 weeks). We may add additional game types in the future as well. Each month will require a new app, to play games that start in that month. The January app will be $1.99.

We’re dedicated to continuing to expand and improve Space: Uncharted, and we’ve got lots of planned features and additions, many of which are inspired by suggestions on the forum. Some of the bigger ones include:

-Large capital ships, such as cruisers and destroyers, capable of wreaking havoc on enemy ships
-Ability to build defensive turrets to defend your territory
-New ship types, such as bombers (specializing in damaging enemy planets and turrets) and repair ships (that can repair capital ships)
-Revamped sector layout, including solar systems and interstellar travel
-Player “levels” to demonstrate your achievements

Thanks for all of your support so far – see you in game!