First Official Space: Uncharted Game Expected 1/15/11!

We are excited to announce that 1/15/11 is the tentative date for the first official game of Space: Uncharted. The app was submitted to Palm for earlier this week, and assuming the review is completed in a timely fashion, the app should be in the app catalog around 1/12/10. As in the beta games, you can join the game before it starts. 24 hours before game start, players will be placed on the map near their allies, and orders can be queued.

Because of the ongoing costs of maintaining a server and adding new features for each game, like other MMOs we are adopting a monthly fee price structure. Each month will have at least one regular game (lasting 2-4 weeks) and two speed games for those who like a faster pace (lasting 1-2 weeks). We may add additional game types in the future as well. Each month will require a new app, to play games that start in that month. The January app will be $1.99.

We’re dedicated to continuing to expand and improve Space: Uncharted, and we’ve got lots of planned features and additions, many of which are inspired by suggestions on the forum. Some of the bigger ones include:

-Large capital ships, such as cruisers and destroyers, capable of wreaking havoc on enemy ships
-Ability to build defensive turrets to defend your territory
-New ship types, such as bombers (specializing in damaging enemy planets and turrets) and repair ships (that can repair capital ships)
-Revamped sector layout, including solar systems and interstellar travel
-Player “levels” to demonstrate your achievements

Thanks for all of your support so far – see you in game!

New Sandbox Games Coming Soon – Next Beta Game Delayed

We’ve been working hard on bugfixes and new features, and plan to roll out all the changes into the sandbox games early next week.  The most noticeable changes will be to the map and to the messaging and alliance functionality.  There will be an additional level of zoom that lets you view the full galaxy, which is composed of sectors.  Each sector will be connected to neighboring sectors through wormholes.  This system will alow us to have a large number of players in the same game and yet enable players to move about the map more easily.  Messaging will now function more like email, as your messages will be retained even if you close the app and login again.  You will also be able to leave alliances, message players by selecting their ships, filter and sort the player list, and much more.

Unfortunately, our database system for saving the game is taking longer than expected to develop.  We don’t want to start another full beta without having the database system working because we know how frustrating it was when the last beta encountered an error and we were unable to restart it.  As a result, it will probably be at least 2 weeks until another full beta game is started.  In the meantime, though, we are going to extend the sandbox game length to 48 hours.

We thank you for your patience, and we look forward to your feedback on the new features.

Aurora Beta Completed

You may have noticed that the Aurora beta became stuck on round 4104. The server ran into an unrecoverable error, and we are not able to restart the game at this time. Our database system that will back up games in the future is still in development, but will be completed before we launch Space, so that any errors like this that crop up will be able to be recovered from. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
The Aurora Beta has been extremely helpful to us, as it has helped us identify many bugs, the need for additional features, and stress test the server. We thank you all for participating – I know many of you had amassed quite large fleets!

There will be at least one more beta before the launch of Space. More details on that will be forthcoming. Keep an eye here, and we also plan to send an email notice about the start of the next beta.


Space Hits 1000 Players

Within the last hour, the 1000th player joined Space! We’re all very excited about how many people are interested in this game, and we want to thank you for the support you’ve already shown. We’ve got lots of additional features planned in the coming weeks, including a revamped messaging system, better help guides, a new map structure, and much more, so we hope you’ll keep playing and helping us make the game better! A special thanks to all those who have been submitting bug reports and suggesting features in the forum – they have been incredibly helpful.

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Second Beta (Aurora) Now Open!

A second, much larger (240 slots), beta is now open! Join now to reserve your spot! The game is scheduled to start on Tuesday the 19th at 8pm Eastern. Players that have joined by Monday at 8pm will be placed on the map at that time, near allies if they have them. Before that time, you may still view the player list, send messages, and form alliances. Good luck! Please let us know what you think in the forums!

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Beta App Updated to 0.1.1

In the move from the closed beta to the open beta, a bug was introduced preventing players from getting updates and causing a blank card to appear.  0.1.1. fixes these issues.  Remember, though, you still won’t be able to see any planets or fleets until Wednesday at 8pm Eastern time (24 hours before game start).

The 0.1.1 app should be available through the normal app catalog update process within an hour or two.

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First Beta Now Full – Second Game Next Week

The thirty slots for the first beta filled up quickly!  We will likely start up a second beta game to start next week after we see how the start of the first beta goes on Thursday.  Given that many more people have registered than were able to join the first game, the second game will likely have a high player cap to make sure a lot of people get to try the game and help with testing.

You can make sure you receive the latest news about Space by either monitoring the website news RSS feed or by creating an account on the forums and subscribing to the news forum.

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Space Beta Now Available in Palm App Catalog

Space Beta is now available in the app catalog! You can send your phone a txt message with the link to the app by visiting this page.

As previously posted, the first beta game will start this Thursday at 8pm Eastern.  More games will be created as needed.  This is an EARLY beta, so we may (i.e. probably will)  discover bugs that require restarting the beta – we apologize in advance.  Visit the guide for more information on how to play Space, or visit the forums to ask questions, make suggestions, and report bugs.

If you can’t wait until Thursday to try the game, there is also a “sandbox” game that has already started.  The sandbox game resets every night, so it is just for trying things out, but it can be a good way to get a feel for the game.

See you in game!

Space Beta Available 10/11/10

Space Open Beta will be available in the app catalog on Monday, October 11th for download. The first beta game is scheduled to start on Thursday, October 14th. By creating an account before that date, players can join the beta, send messages to other players, and form alliances. 24 hours before the game starts, players will be added to the game map (near their allies) so that when they login, they can see their initials fleets and planets. Orders can be queued at this time, but no action will take place until the game starts on the 14th. The game is expected to last 1-2 weeks. The first beta game will have a limited number of slots, so create your account and join early! (More games will be added as needed).

We look forward to seeing you in the game! Please visit the forum if you have questions or suggestions!

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Space Beta Coming Soon!

The closed beta for Space is coming to an end and we are preparing to launch the open beta soon.  Watch here for more information.

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